Shake it to shine. Connect them to sync color.


It shines once you shake it. Color synchronizes.
A block that resonates like a living creature.
It can detect each other's place and receive and transmit light.
Once they gather, they emit light as if everyone is breathing at the same time.
Arrange them in a row, create wheels, stack them up.
Through the enjoyment of designing light freely,
This is an educational toy brushing up imagination and self expression power.

Japan's traditional "Beauty of gradation color" kept up from the era of ukiyo-e.
By fostering new technologies, we could reach rich sensibility.

How to Play

Shake it!

When it shakes it lights up, and further shake it changes color.

Sync it!

As you move the light closer to the block, the color shifts.


When aligned in one line, the color of all blocks are changed.


You can enjoy the painting of light with the block as a paintbrush.


When collecting seven and creating a circle, a rainbow is formed.


Combined freely, you can create art works of light.

SHAKE SYNC™ is jointly developed by Zero By Zero, OSAKA UNIVERSITY, Hakuhodo Inc. Kansai Office. Made in Japan.